Digital Art Direction / UX / UI Web App

This started off as an experiment by Matt Reed of redpepper using the Instagram and Google Map API. It was originally built to "peep" into Nashville. Matt and I expanded the reach to most of the United States and some of the world. Sorry, Kim Jong Un. Go to and cruise around. Request a Place that you would like to "Peek into".

My role: UX/UI, creative direction, worked direclty with developer, design, marketing

Look mom! I'm Google famous!
Google Tweeted about the thing I made!!


Healthier Tennessee iOS + Android App & Marketing Website

Healthier Tennessee Is A Movement set forth by Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam to encourage and enable us to improve our state's health. It's a call to come together as proud Tennesseans – citizens, employers, schools, and congregations. HTN believes that, as a community, we can reach our shared goal of a healthier state. I was on the team that designed the iPhone and Android applications in addition to their marketing website at

My role: UX/UI, design, worked directly with developers


Deloitte Design Great Experiences Desktop Application

This is one of many applications I did UX/UI for over the course of 2 years. Deloitte wanted an application that would help team members have all of the assets such as images, documents and knowledge for any given project. This application helped the team stay on track and in the know.

My role: UX/UI Design


Salemtown Board Co.

In the summer of 2013, I was asked by designer Brad Davis to join him and a small group of designers to re-brand a skateboard company in Nashville. The team was Matt LehmanA. Micah Smith and Tom Oakerson. My role was web designer. I needed content for the website, so about twice a week I would go down the Salemtown shop and take photos and videos. I got to watch them work with their hands and mentor/train inner city kids.

My role: UX/UI, Creative Direction, worked directly with developers

Carl and Heather Cartee

Carl and Heather Cartee are a husband and wife duo who have been making music together since the first time they met. A college choir was the setting where they became fast friends before falling in love and getting married. Their website showcases their music, tour and how to book them for your next event. 

My role: UX/UI, Creative Direction

Deloitte Corporate Citizenship


When it comes to citizenship, impact is what matters. And to achieve true and lasting societal change, we must ask ourselves: How do we create sustainable impact? As change makers, we know this is just the beginning. There are more skills to contribute, more questions to answer, more impact to deliver.

My role: Art Direction and UX/UI Design